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Fast Speed T-Shirt Printer IRIS2000 Model 

More Advantages of t shirt printing machine Iris 2000 model:  

1. Printing equipment of industrial machine: industrial nozzle is more powerful than normal printhead, has long service life, and core parts such as motor guideway are carefully selected, which can meet thedemand of mass production. 

2. Professional RIP printing software: according to the characteristics of T-shirt printing, the Ajet RIP software is easy to operate, the white / black T-shirt mode is freely switched, and the human configuration is humanized.  

3. White ink and color ink simultaneous printing: Equip with 4 printhead, each head two nozzles, white inkand colorful ink head staggered arrangement, support synchronous printing, improve production efficiency.

4. Dual independent operation: maximum print area of 60*80cm. support double-panel independent operation, printing sheet non-interference, easy to operate.

5. Equip with 4 Panasonic Heads,speed reach to 2400piece/Day.



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